A large Drop in Possession Claims – But is this a True Reflection of Everyday Life?

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Possession claims are down by 21% in the last two years with the average tenant staying in a property for four years- the world is good and this proves it!

Well, not when you look closer at it!  Firstly, I direct you to a press release back in May 2016 that showed that the average stay of a tenant in rented accommodation was 18 months; http://bit.ly/2foYUNP

To add to this, void periods in-between these tenancies could be unusually high, resulting in an average loss of £547 for a Landlord.

So, what has changed?

Well maybe how this information was collated, trying to put a positive spin on a dire situation? Or the fact that the four-year tenancy was taken from 2014-15 figures, and let’s face it, quite a bit has changed!

With the repossession figures being provided to us by the Ministry of Justice, this only shows me that there are less Section 21 orders progressing to court, and people are accepting they must move, rather than waiting to be evicted. This is a more obvious thought, rather than just less orders being issued.

This comes from changes to advice being given to people rather than the standard generic line from local councils saying “just stay put until you are evicted” so in a way this is good news.

But the fact remains that Possession Orders are still being served on Tenants even if most these are in social housing rather than in the private rental sector (approx. 15% are in the PRS).

Only time will tell if the recent changes in the property sector will make a difference on whether these orders increase or decrease, but it makes no difference if the results that are getting put together are so heavily weighted in the ‘positive’!

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