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So, you have bitten the bullet and put your house on the market! But what can you do to make sure you maximise the chances of a sale?

  1. Tidy up!

One of the most obvious things that you can do to give you more of a chance of selling your property, is to make sure its tidy and presentable. An obvious point which is overlooked by so many!

  1. Minimalise your trinkets

Granted, they can make interesting talking points, but not everyone wants to see your ‘Queen Elizabeth memorial plate’ or ‘that piece of rock from Mount Sinai’ when they are trying to gauge the size of your home. Keep all these bits packed away – you will need to pack them eventually anyway!

  1. Mow your lawn

Yes, it’s the most annoying job especially in the winter, but a tidy house with an inviting garden, does make the world of difference, especially to family movers.

  1. De-clutter the toilet and bathroom

Toilet lid down as a starting point! These areas are normally very scrutinised by any potential purchaser and should be kept sparkling. Pay particular attention to silicone around the bath/shower and renew if there are any black mould areas. Also, make sure that the towels are folded and clean!

  1. Kitchen ‘Warmth’

The kitchen is normally the hub of the home, so a purchaser maybe looking for some warmth/homely feelings in this area. If its not too much trouble buy a fresh loaf of bread before the viewings, or brew a pot of coffee to give a good impression.

And please, please make sure the sink and draining board is empty!

Pets can potentially make or break a sale. If the potential purchaser is a pet lover they will understand the manic-ness of pet ownership, the toys everywhere and the hair strewn across furniture!

If however, they don’t like pets it can be a deal breaker, as the smell and accident-prone nature of some animals will really put them off. They will be thinking carpet replacement straight away! The best option is to keep the pet in a ‘safe’ area for the duration of the viewing. Make sure you mention that you have a pet as most viewers will notice the food and water bowls anyway, and you will want to be honest of course.


  1. Work out your dates

Again, this may sound obvious, but knowing a little about the history of your home will go a long way when you are asked by the viewer. When the windows were replaced, if there have been any building works etc when they were, any structural issues etc etc.

If you are not present for the viewings make sure whoever is knows the details!


  1. Don’t take anything personally!

Some things that people may say to you, about your home may not be what you expect, to the point of being rude. But remember all tastes are different, and if someone insults you albeit unintentionally, it could potentially cause a flash point which may extinguish the viewers interest.

Just keep calm and carry on!


  1. Keep positive and tell good stories

Try not to mention that you are have a terrible relationship with your neighbours and the closest shop is half a mile away.

This is all stuff which maybe personal to you and not the potential buyer. Keep the conversation positive and mention school catchment areas of good schools or community spirit etc to get the viewer excited!!


  1. Honesty is the best policy!

You have decided to sell up and move on, and although you may wish to tell the potential buyer what they want to hear to get a quick sale, this could come back and bite you on the behind if you are dishonest. A number of things may be listed against the property or may show up on a survey that will delay or potentially lose a buyer’s interest.

Be upfront from the start and you will have nothing to fear!

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